Web accessibility and user experience design and training

Making websites and apps work is hard.

No one wants to use your product or service. Folks only want to solve problems they have. If your website or app is not accessible and user-friendly, they will find something else that is. We've seen that before.

Are things not working quite right?

We're sure you have the best intentions, but you or your staff might lack skills. It might also be that you need to figure out your ideas. Or you have a functioning product or a service that doesn't convert customers. This or the other way, understanding the needs of your users is paramount to your success. An inclusive design that connects their needs with your business vision is necessary.

It is not magic. It's skills and dedication.

We can empower your teams by training them. We'll give them the web accessibility and user experience design skills they need. We'll also spend time with you helping to shape your vision. In the end, it's all down to people, however. When they know they can help others by creating accessible, inclusive solutions, they are happier. And this means better business for all.